About this Blog

A collection of my super-important opinions about things. I tend to write a lot about feminism and other avenues of social advocacy, because that’s where my mind usually is. Prolonged discussion about such things can be depressing and taxing, so every now and then I’ll mix it up with a fluff piece about music, movies, or whatever else is on my mind. I also wax philosophical about Zen Buddhism and the ways that it has influenced my life.

This is a personal blog, and as such, I make no promises regarding its professionalism. I try my best to back up my more outrageous claims with citations and sources, but I will probably miss a few. I welcome discussion and feedback, of course, so you may feel free to call me out with a [citation needed].

I have no issue with any of my postings here being shared on social networks, provided that I am credited, either by text or through a link back to this blog.

One final note: Contrary to what the Twitter button would have you believe, I do not care if you do or don’t follow WordPress’ Twitter account.


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