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7 Responses to I’m Sick Of Allies

  1. david says:

    This really meant a lot to me. Thanks for posting it. As a person of color, you can feel like a real jerk when you vent about the very dynamic you speak of.

  2. All super valid points, don’t get me wrong. But whats the alternative? As someone who is polyamorous (among other things…) I will take all the allies I can get in modern society. I will gladly let anyone try and relate through whatever means if it becomes the case that the way I live my life gets to no longer be under the magnifying glass, if my morality and loyalty no longer get challenged for me simply being the way I am. So what if Patrick Stewart or Joss get the focus? Has what they said have any less value? No it hasn’t, and maybe if people, normal society type people, can see their good example the world might change a little more. If it means that eventually myself or anyone else who feels marginalized gets to live out in the open free and clear of judgment I’ll gladly let normal society mesh with my identity as much as they like.

    • Joselyn says:

      Thank you for your comments. Obviously, the world is better with allies than without. But when an ally regards your situation as a novelty, makes it about themselves, are you truly out from under the magnifying glass?

      “So what if [a straight white guy] and [another straight white guy] get the focus? Has what they said have any less value?”

      Well…yes, actually. It’s not that what they say is completely without merit, they are, after all, advocating for justice. But the experience of speaking out against injustice is considerably easier when one is not the direct victim of the injustice in question, because the suffering caused by that injustice isn’t a lived experience for the privileged person. Again, it’s not to say that members of privileged classes aren’t allowed to have opinions, but that everyone needs to be mindful of two things:
      – Speaking from a position of privilege is easier than speaking from one of marginalization
      – The voices of allies aren’t the only ones that matter, and absolutely must NEVER replace the voices of the oppressed.

      • Anonymous says:

        Nobody cares about what happens in Africa. The voices that matter are the ones that get heard by the most people, so that positive change can actually occur

      • Joselyn says:

        “The voices that matter are the ones that get heard by the most people”
        And therein lies the problem. When we decide that a voice of a marginalized person matters less because it will be heard by fewer people, we are effectively contributing to the marginalization that person already faces.

  3. Anonymous says:

    In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is. The world simply doesn’t work the way you romanticise that it should.

    • Joselyn says:

      Well golly gee whiz, here I was thinking I had the power to change the world by sheer force of will alone. Thank you for the helpful reminder that I am not yet part of the Green Lantern Corps.

      I KNOW that that’s not how the world works. That is the exact issue this post is talking about: my frustration, and the frustration of many people like me, with the unpleasant reality that the degree to which a person is taken seriously on the world stage directly correlates to their societal proximity to straight white men.

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